Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back into the Habit....

So I have been putting off updating this blog because 1. I haven't the time! and 2. because it is how I always get about journal writing: I feel like I have SO much to catch up on, so it deters me from writing at all! But I have learned that you just have to start it up again, from where you are at. So, here goes.

A couple of general updates: John is home from LTC military training (as of mid-July), we are finished with our summer jobs and vacations, and we have moved back to Logan. In the incredibly stressful job of trying to find a place to live (while living over 2 hours away), we managed to find a pretty good deal. We live in an apartment of a house that looks like a barn. :) It is close to campus, a good size, and has some fun perks like an apple tree, fire pit, etc.

We have started school and become extremely busy. John has been balancing school (including tough classes like Organic Chemistry and Physics) and ROTC responsibilities (including waking up early to work out 3 days a week from 6-7 and going to weekly labs) along with the debate team. He has been doing well in all three. He even placed 3rd and 4th in his first debate meet!

I have been balancing classes with practicum and everyday errands and responsibilities. Practicum is where I am in the classroom helping Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7:30 until 2:30 and then I rush to class. Class is from 3 to about 6 or 7, and then I continue with my homework/dinner/etc. Needless to say, it is busy! My favorite part though, is being in the classroom. I don't enjoy the busywork or just talking about teaching, but I love the real experience I am getting! I have been in a 5th grade class the last several weeks and this week will start in a 1st grade class. This should be a compeletely different experience, I can't wait!

One exciting thing in the lives of John and April is that we recently celebrated our First Anniversary! As of October 11th, we have had our first year of forever together! What a wonderful year it has been! We have had our tough times, but we usually can't stay mad or sad for more than an hour or two until we kiss and make up! :) The weekend of our anniversary we were able to be with my family for my youngest brother Matty's baptism! What a big boy he is!!

For my anniversary present, I got what I have wanted for a while--a pet! We "adopted" a pet bunny and we named him Rocky (because of how he "boxes" your hand away if you stick your hand in his cage). He has gotten used to us and we've gotten used to him, and he has a spunky personality. He is also a wonderful snuggle-bug that will just sit with me for long periods of time and let me pet him. He likes to go on walks, although he doesn't so much like his leash. It makes for a funny sight taking a bunny for a walk on a leash!

John got what he has wanted for a while--his own pair of rock climbing shoes! They look to be a good pair (and were on sale, which is always a bonus!). Of course we had to try them out in the canyon on Saturday! It was a blast, we found a good place to go "bouldering", where we scaled the rock face without harnesses or equipment (which means we didn't go very high, mostly sideways). It was beautiful weather and the leaves in the canyon are beautiful! The mountainsides look like they are on fire. I love the fall!

To celebrate our anniversary together, we decided to head to Jackson Hole for Fall Break this weekend! We left Thursday afternoon and had a beautiful drive. We stayed at a nice bed and breakfast in Jackson, WY and were upgraded to the nicest room! Breakfast was delicious and we went to Grand Tetons National Park for the day on Friday. The mountains were pretty although the colors were gone and we went on a couple fun hikes. We saw some wildlife, including: elk, moose, deer (really up close!), a river otter, trumpeter swans, and even bear tracks! (No sight of the bear, though.) Overall it was a wonderful trip! We took pictures with our only camera which happens to be pictures will be posted later. :)

Saturday we went climbing in the canyon, went to the Aggie football game (even though we BARELY lost, it was fun!), and watched a movie with John's brother and sister in law. On Sunday, we participated in the musical number (John singing and me on the flute), got some rest, and had a fun night with John's family for the monthly FHE/potluck. Overall, it was a great and much-needed weekend!

Lots of things have been going on the last several months and I apologize for not keeping up with my blog as well as I should have. Hopefully I will get back into the habit and continue to keep you guys posted in my online journal. :)

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