Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Showers, New Car, and More!

On Sept. 11th, the Kimball gals all got together for lunch at Garcia's, a yummy Mexican restaurant in Layton. It was fun, all the local sisters/sisters-in-law (7 out of 10) and my mother-in-law were able to come, as well as my cousin-in-law! It was fun to have an excuse to talk and eat good food together! Their generous gift (a cash pool) will be WONDERFUL in purchasing a carseat/stroller soon!

On a funny note, we all caught a glimpse of a yellow-bellied marmot (I kid you not) that had climbed into the engine of one of our cars and refused to leave! It was hours later when a somewhat inexperienced animal control worker sedated and removed him. Mean little bugger!

This weekend, my best friend Sunni threw me a baby shower at her place. It was fun to have a couple of good friends and my mom/sisters show up and once again have an excuse to talk and have lots of fun! Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera out, but I know pictures were taken and those might be up later. Among the activities were a book to write down the "virtues" each guest wanted to "bestow" on my baby (like Sleeping Beauty!), guessing the girth of my tummy with lengths of yarn, and eating goodies! There were prizes, treats, a "cake" made of diapers, blue decorations, many cute/useful baby gifts, and lots of talking and laughing. I had a great time!
On another happy note, we have made our biggest purchase yet and bought a new car! ( to us!) After several weeks of research and looking into a couple of duds, we found what we think is a great fit for us as well as a good deal. It's a 2006 Saturn VUE. It is a small SUV with a 4-cyl. engine (less power, but better gas mileage), has 53,000 miles, and is in great shape! Also, we bought it from a nice couple that just wanted out of the payments, so we had a lot less hassle. So far, we really like it!

Recently, I was able to help my mother-in-law can some peaches from her tree (delicious!) and she let me keep some. It's fun to learn the trade from someone with all the equipment and a lot of experience.
This is the most recent picture of my preggo belly, I thought some of you from far away might like to see. :) As of today, I only have 3 weeks until my duedate! I'm still attending a childbirth class and getting the baby things ready... I'm anxious, excited, and nervous!
Hopefully we can keep up with all the things going on--errands, school, work, cleaning, preparations, etc.--while getting ready for the start of this new phase in our lives with the coming of our little Kimball kid!


  1. First thing, you should change the font color for your blog... it's white on white background (at least that's what it looks like on my computer) and I have to highlight everything to read it.

    Second, you're awesome and I continue to be so excited for you in everything that's happening to you! :D I plan on putting up pics on my blog from the shower this weekend, and who knows, maybe Jess put some up as well. :)

    So glad things are going well for you. Keep me posted! :D

  2. Nice peaches!! We've been doing peaches too! I sure wish I could have been at your baby shower! The girls couldn't understand why we didn't travel to Utah for it! :0) Thanks for posting the pic of yourself - you look adorable!! We can't wait for little Mack to come along! ;0)