Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas in Mexico, Back to School, and Baby Laughs

It's been a long time!! What a busy couple of months we've had. Time to catch up on a wonderful Christmas in Mexico! Someday I need to take the time to figure out how to do a slide show of pictures on your blog, but for now I will narrow it down to the favorites (it was hard!).
Too cute!! Daddy and Thomas sleeping.
First time at the beach--so happy! (he's a beach bum already!)
Promptly lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves.

Smiley guy!
Decked out!
Mom and Dad on Monkey Beach where we went snorkeling! (Mazatlan's best kept secret!)
Matty and one of the lobsters we ate later...
Grouchy momma!
A little bit of paradise! At the end of our jungle tour was a freshwater spring to swim in. Don't worry, they netted it off so no alligators could get in...

So cute--baby turtles making their way to sea!
Thomas' first time touching the ocean--not sure what to think!

Smiles on Christmas Eve in the new PJs!
Chillin' out with Auntie Candace.
Santa Baby with Daniel on Christmas Day.
Too cute! John and I love this one...
Stingrays--we caught one! (on a boogie board--it's a long story)
My parents shared that this will be the last time we go to Mexico (at least for a while). Although I'm very sad, I completely understand this and am glad to have future Christmases with more of our family there. I will never forget the churros, rides into town, bartering in the market, pig heads, walks on the beach, eskimochas, motorhome fun, sand, boogie boarding, sunburns and freckles, beach vendors, DELICIOUS authentic Mexican tacos, Senor Frogs, Settlers of Cattan and Ticket to Ride, dolphins, fishing, snorkeling, finding shells on the beach, sunshine, Christmas potluck, jellyfish, stingrays, and so much more!

What a good trip it was, I hope we do go back someday. Since coming home, we have gotten back to real life. I was able to join my family to go to Washington to see my niece, Natalie, be baptized. What a beautiful girl! We also were able to help the Potters pack and move to Idaho--much closer!! (hooray!) I've loved having so much time with family.

Soon after, we returned, John and I were back at school. Yes, you heard right--we were able to find a babysitter and work out our schedules so that we can both be back at school. (Quite a feat for me, this semester!) My classes are 3 hours and 15 min. long each (ugh) and the schedule changes often, so it really has been a blessing to find someone willing to work with us and help out with Thomas when John and I are in school. We are into our third week so far and it has been going well so far. I am often somewhat stressed and tired, but I have been enjoying my classes and John has really pitched in with housework and watching Thomas. We can make it work!

A funny story though: My Friday schedule changes from week to week. The babysitter couldn't watch him for a meeting I had Friday morning while John was in class, so I decided to take him with me. Hey, it was only 2 hours long, right? We had to take the bus since John needed the car for P.T. with the army bright in early...and so it began! I bundled him up and took him with. Upon arriving at school, I found the meeting time had changed and I had to wait an hour. Ok, no big deal, we could wait. We walked to the meeting (my arms about fell off, he is HEAVY!) and I sat in the back. Right as the meeting started, he started to fuss. Loudly. In a quiet room. I took him out, but luckily one of my professors in the back of the room came out and offered to watch him during the meeting so I could listen. This was WONDERFUL, I wouldn't have heard much otherwise. Afterwards, I took him from her and he promptly threw up nasty formula ALL over my white shirt and all over himself and my hair. Gross. So I clean us up the best I can and walk about half a mile to the car as he cried. Once again, dead arms. I drove home with him fussing and arrived home to find he had pooped and peed out of his ENTIRE layered outfit. I'll admit, I just cried. SO not worth it. And this was all in less than 4 hours! He wouldn't smile at anyone while at school, but as soon as we walked in the door, he was full of smiles and cooes. *sigh* It was a rough morning and taught me that it is NOT worth the trouble! However, it makes for a great mommy story! :)

In other news....we won a new couch! I happened upon a facebook contest for a local furniture store and uploaded a picture of us on an old couch to enter. There were only 6 other entries and we got enough votes to win the contest! It's very exciting! It is retailed at over $1,000, and it's a nice brown leather couch. We will have it delivered very soon (hopefully they can get it into our basement apartment!). Hooray!

Thomas is now 4 months old, I can't believe he has grown up so much. He is sleeping better at night recently since he is in his own crib in the other room. He still wakes up usually twice (though sometimes only once!) or so, but this is a great improvement! He also is much more responsive and curious. He is discovering his hands, smiling and laughing more, and he is interested in toys! It is so much fun. We have a dr. appointment Thursday where he will be measured and get more shots. :(

Check out these fun videos:

John has a debate meet (the first one since last school year!) near Seattle this weekend and leaves Thursday morning. I will miss him, but I think he will do GREAT on his 2 speeches and debate rounds. Updates on how that goes to follow soon.
Well, we are busy busy, but I will do my best to update from time to time. We love our little guy so much, he is in a really fun stage. This means we have TONS of videos of pictures. :) More to come soon.


  1. Oh my lanta, he is so adorable Apey!!!! Love the new post, sissy. :)

  2. Good luck with school April! Wish I was closer to watch Thomas for you and get my baby fix. :)

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