Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Settling In, Family Visit, Church Talks, House Hunting

Time to update! Since I last posted a month ago, we've had some fun things going on.

We made a trip to Boise, ID (well, actually Caldwell) to visit John's 2 siblings, Karalee and Vaughn, and their families and to go to the temple. Turns out the Boise temple is closed for renovations, but we were able to drive to Twin Falls with Vaughn and Tavia and their friend to attend. It was a great day, though it was a long one with all the driving! We stayed with Mike and Karalee and fun with nieces and nephews. It ended up being sort of a short trip though, since we were asked to speak in a small branch about 45 minutes from Winnemucca.

We'd spoken in church a few weeks before in our new ward and they sent us to Orovada to give our talks there. It was a small group in a double-wide, but they were very friendly and it was a fun experience. They even had a delicious Italian-themed potluck after the 2 1/2-hr block in our honor! (Yum!)

The next weekend (President's Day weekend), my parents and little brothers Daniel and Matthew came to visit us in Winnemucca! I had been looking forward to it all week. :) It was quite the drive for them from Mesquite (8+ hours!). It turned out to be cold and blustery (unlike the rest of our time here!), but we did our best to show them the "sites" of Winnemucca!

We went to the small museum in town, ate at The Pig BBQ, played games, talked, ate good food, went to Unionville and saw where Mark Twain supposedly stayed and had a picnic, took a tour of the Safe Haven Rescue Zoo that has Siberian tigers and other exotic animals, went to the stinky hot springs, showed them a couple of houses we've had our eye on, and just had a great time.
Other weekends, we have looked at houses and gotten errands done and continued to settle in. It's been difficult adjusting to the new life in some ways. John as a full-time employee and me as a full-time stay-at-home wife and mom. We've been going through some tough adjustments and have really needed to be patient with each other. We'd appreciate any prayers you happen to want to send our way. :)

We're slowly making friends in the ward and around town and we both got callings in the ward. John is secretary in the Elders' quorum and I'm the CTR 4 & 5 primary teacher. I try to be involved by attending R.S. meetings, baby reading time at the library, and I will soon have all of the paperwork in for being a substitute teacher in the elementary schools.

We're excited to find a home to move into and make our own. Finally a place to call our own and to paint and plant a garden! If only we could find a place... The market here is limited and since the economy here in Winnemucca (based on gold) is thriving, the house prices reflect that. It's a little discouraging to have so few options of what we want in our price range. Just today we had our first offer on a house beaten out by one submitted just before it. We're hoping to find something that we could move into by the first of June, since the couple we're renting this house from returns from their mission mid-June.

Thomas is in a tough phase--he can be so silly, animated, and cute, but he can also be so difficult. He is nigh impossible to contain at church (thankfully, we can now start taking him to nursery since we both got callings and he's only a few weeks away from being 18 months). He has seemed to go backwards in some ways, yelling and screaming when he wants something instead of using the signs and words that he knows. I've tried everything I can to reinforce good behaviors and either ignore or punish bad ones, but to no avail. I hope this is just a phase and that it will end soon. On the other hand, he is trying to say more and more words and copies what we do. He likes to dance and even tries to since along when we sing (like during the hymns at church!).

Lately he likes to put on daddy's boots
Just relaxin'!

Cheesy grin
Well, there's your update. Hopefully we'll have good news about a happy Thomas and a new house soon!


  1. Thanks for the update! Hang in there with all the adjusting, you can make it. It can be tough when you go through a transition like that and you are both figuring out a new normal at the same time. Some of Thomas's behavior stuff could be from all the big changes you guys have gone through as well, so just give it some time. Good luck with the house hunting as well. We love you guys lots! :)

  2. Glad to see updates on your blog! I'm about to do another blog update for Roger (I would never write anything if I didn't have him as an excuse). I hope you guys are able to find a place soon!!! Home hunting is always difficult, and I can imagine it's much more so when you're trying to actually buy one! Good luck my dear!