Sunday, March 29, 2009

Crazy life!

Wow! Life has been pretty busy and crazy these last few days! Some of the latest news:

It was my (April's) 20th birthday Thursday, the 26th! It was a pretty good day. I walked into work (a day care) and the kids all gave me tons of hugs and birthday wishes, although they were stinkers throughout the day. Gotta love 'em! ;) It was also the owner's birthday, so we had cake and took pictures! After work, I did some cramming for an Oceanography test and went and took it. I think it went well. Then I went to my English class and went home to find that John had bought me some pretty flowers (with daffodils, one of my favorite flowers!) and Reese's cups, because he knows I love them! :) That was a happy surprise!

Then we got to take a much-needed nap and went out to dinner to a local Mexican restaurant. It was delicious, and we even got free dessert for my birthday!

It was great to hear from members of my family, wishing me a happy birthday! It was a good day, despite receiving some bad news. :( (see next paragraph)

My older sister Christine had a beautiful baby girl, Kaylie last Monday by C-section. The birth went all right, however Kaylie has had some complications since. On my birthday, I found out that she was being life-flighted to Primary Children's Hospital because there was a mass on her liver. They have since determined it isn't cancer, but we have yet to find out what it is. She is doing much better, however. It was hard to hear my niece was having such a tough time and not being able to be there for my sister. (I'm gonna steal some of her pictures...) :)

On Saturday, John and I cleaned up the apartment and decided to go visit Christine and Kaylie in Salt Lake. Turns out most of the family was able to get together and see Kaylie one-at-a-time for a couple minutes and then we went out to dinner to Rodigio's Grill (spell?), a tasty Brazilian buffet restaurant. It was delicious, and it was fun to be able to see little Kaylie, Christine, and the fam! We got to hang out with Candace afterwards and had lots of fun and stayed up late! We stayed with John's parents in Layton and headed home around noon.

However...our car broke down on the freeway. :( Luckily the vicious snow from the day was melting on contact with the road so it wasn't slippery and we were able to make it to the side of the road safely. John's parents came and helped us out and let us borrow their car for the time being. Their AAA insurance towed our car for FREE to a nearby mechanic that my insurance agent could be the fuel pump. In that case, we'd get a free replacement from Autozone because my dad bought one there 2 years ago for the same car and got a lifetime warranty. However, it could be a wire glitch. In any case, we're not sure what's going on yet and it's all just really inconvenient since we're up here and the car is down in North Ogden. Oh well, life happens.

We're hanging in there keeping up with school, trying to find summer jobs, and keep up with life's ups and downs! (And hopefully we won't get burried with all this snow!)

We just wanted to say we're grateful for the wonderful people in our lives. We've been truly blessed with wonderful family and friends! Thanks for all you do! Don't forget to keep in touch!


  1. Cute post sissy! Rodizio Grill. ;) Love ya!

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