Sunday, March 22, 2009

Joining the croud...

All right, we gave in to the blogging revolution. We thought it would be fun to start up our own little "family blog" and be able to share some pictures and stories with family and friends.

This blog is about John Robert Kimball and April Whatcott Kimball, joined together for eternity October 11, 2008 in the Salt Lake Temple. We live in Logan, UT and are both attending school at Utah State University with approximately 2 years left each. John is getting a degree in Public Health, emphasizing in Industrial Hygiene. He will also minor Chemistry and Biology. (His degree had so many classes in the subjects, he only needed a few classes to get the minors!) April is getting a degree in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Social Science. April currently works at a day care in Hyde Park, UT called "Grandma's Place" and enjoys her class of 3-4 year olds, although some days are tough. John served a mission in Santiago, Chile and still enjoys using his fluent Spanish whenever he can!

Some of the latest news in our little family:

John is joining the National Guard! He is signing up with the ROTC through the school and takes his physical test on Tuesday. (He will do fine!) This is something he has wanted to do for years now and he is looking forward to being able to serve his country. This will take place of a job for him and will therefore free up some time during the following years at school to study and do well. I will miss him when he goes for training for 4 weeks during the summer, but I know this is a unique opportunity for our family and I'm sure we will grow from it. More updates soon!

April recently found out she was admitted into the elementary education program! This means a lot because she will be able to start the classes that directly relate to her degree (and not a moment too soon!). She will meet with her counselor soon to figure out the rest of her classes. She is glad to see that all of the hard work of the application process has not gone to waste!

We had a GREAT Spring Break a couple weeks ago (March 8th-14th)! April worked full time at her day care job for the first three days to earn some extra moolah and we left right after work Wednesday to head to Salem for Dad's birthday. We visited with my family and had Mom's famous lasagna and bread with homemade carrot cake! What a treat! Thursday morning, we finished our drive to Zion's and hiked Angel's Landing! (pictures forthcoming!) We stayed in a hotel in St. George and ate out at a Chinese buffet. We stayed in St. George Friday, biking a long, fun trail and seeing the temple and just taking it easy in the wonderful spring weather. Friday, we went back to Zion's and hiked 4 or 5 shorter hikes viewing the AMAZING scenery of Zion's National Park and biked another trail along the river. What a fun, relaxing trip! It all went well and was just the break we needed! As soon as we get the pictures developed, we'll post them with a little more detail!

Well, we are both new to this blogging thing, and hopefully it won't lure us into procrastinating and taking up valuable study time, but hopefully it's a way to keep pictures and new things updated! Lots of love to all of our family and friends!


  1. Welcome to the blogging world, April and John! We just joined as well. It's a lot of fun!

    Love you!

  2. I'm so proud of you Apey!!
    Love ya lil sis!


  3. Hey! I saw your blog on your sister's page - I hope you don't mind! Sounds like you guys are doing wonderful. Congratulations! Can't wait to keep up with your little family! :)