Thursday, April 9, 2009

So busy...

So just a quick update before I head to class...things are so busy these days! I'm getting tired of the papers and tests that have been coming in a steady stream. Only a couple more weeks and then I'll be able to take a big breath! Right now, some of the things on my mind: tests, final papers, car troubles (still), meetings, constant headahces, registering for classes next semester, work, taxes, finding summer jobs for John and I, and keeping up with errands, cooking and cleaning. *phew!*

My sister is still staying near Primary Children's hospital with her little girl that is continuing to have troubles, so prayers for them would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully Kaylie will get stronger and be able to eat on her own so they can return home to Idaho soon.

Today was fun at the day care--we dyed Easter eggs! I don't know that I have ever done that before, so I had a lot of fun too. Tomorrow we're having an Easter Egg Hunt/Party and it should be lots of fun!

Anyway, I better head to class, then I have an 8-10 page research paper to work on and meeting later tonight, followed by work early tomorrow morning! (and so it continues!) It will be great to get a bit of a breather this weekend! Thanks for your emails, comments, and calls! Love you all.

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  1. Hang in there, April. I know you have a lot going on - I remember those days of school, work, married life, etc. You are a wonderful woman and it will all come together!

    Love you so much!

    Aunt Steph