Friday, April 24, 2009

Love you, Kaylie

So, my sweet little niece returned to Heavenly Father on Monday night. We were able to go to the hospital and say our goodbyes. She opened her eyes just a little and looked at us. She looked so beautiful despite all the tubes and machines. What an emotional and touching time, she has so many people that love her despite her short little life. She will be greatly missed.

Her funeral was yesterday in Rigby, Idaho. John and I drove up that morning. It was a beautiful day and a sweet service. My brother-in-law gave a touching talk and Mom's poem was so perfect. I did my best on playing a nice version of "Be Still My Soul," one of my favorites. Candace did all the flowers, so they turned out beautiful, so fitting for little Kaylie. Despite the sadness, there was so much hope! So many family members were there to support them, ones we haven't seen for ages. It's amazing to see hearts soften at a time of trial.

*If you could continue to keep Christine and Robert in your prayers, they will continue to need them. I can't even imagine what they must be going through.*

It's been hard this week trying to focus and stay motivated, somehow the passing of this little angel just drained the life out of me. But tests, assignments, classes, papers, and work won't wait. I got the news from my job about a week ago that I'm being laid off when the school year ends in about a week. The center will have fewer kids and will no longer need me, so I'm in the job market again. I have been looking every day in the paper and every place I know of and haven't had much luck yet. However, we think John may have secured a temporary job at a greenhouse which will be perfect because of his crazy summer schedule with the national guard 4-week training right in the middle of the summer.

I've managed to keep up with projects, tests, papers, and assignments these last couple of weeks and it's a testament to me that the Lord does care and He does help us. It feels good to be done, I only have one final that's actually during finals week and it should be a breeze. I'll have to let you know on the final count of papers, tests, projects, etc. I bet it will be interesting to tally them up. John is thoroughly sick of most of his classes and studying. Wish him luck with all of his tough finals this week!

I also went to the doctor because my foot had been bothering me since our hike to the Spanish Fork hot pots last Saturday. (It was a lot of fun, we ended up taking the wrong trail first and hiked about 6-8 miles! We saw a huge herd of elk and deer. Then we took the REAL trail in the pitch dark with cell phones for flashlights. It was worth it!) I got a boot for my foot, the doctor thinks I might have a stress fracture. The boot helps it feel SO much better, I can walk on it. He also prescribed some medicine for the constant headaches. Hopefully we'll find out what's wrong and fix it.

If you could also keep my mom in your prayers, that would be wonderful. She had surgery a couple of days ago for carpal tunnel on one hand, but now her OTHER hand is bothering her, as well as her other knee (the one she hasn't had surgery on). This is all in addition to her regular aches and pains from fibromyalgia! What an AMAZING Momma I have, she just keeps on going, thinking of others. Love you, Mom.

Last of all, I just want to write a quick tribute to my family; after all, I've got the best one there is! They are so amazing, as I've seen the strength in times of trial and pain as well as the incredibly unselfish support that they give to each other. Amidst all this, they keep up with me and ask how I'm doing. I couldn't have asked for a better family or for better examples. Thank you.

(PS-Sorry, pictures won't work. :( Check out my family members' blogs...)


  1. I'm very sorry to read about this April. I can't imagine how it must be. I have a niece & I hope nothing bad ever happens to that amazing little girl.

    I hope all the best for you & your family at this tough time.

  2. You are wonderful, April, and so thoughtful of others. I hope your foot is feeling better. I love you!