Sunday, May 3, 2009


So I guess it's about time I wrote about my haircut! On Tuesday, I finally went in to get my hair cut. It I cut off about 10 inches (to donate to Locks of Love) and then another couple inches after that. It's been fun to play with, but does take some getting used to! I got a big glob of shampoo in the shower and then doesn't quite take that much anymore! haha

It's nice to be done with school and finals! It's somewhat bittersweet to be done with my job at the daycare, but all the same, it's been nice to simply have a break. We got some much-needed housework done Saturday and went out for IHOP to celebrate on Friday for lunch (yum!). Yesterday we took John's friend Zhou to the airport (he's returning to China for a month to see his wife!) and visited John's parents for the day.
I gave John a haircut! I will have to try to post some "before and after" pictures, but for some reason pictures don't upload very often....So we'll see. It doesn't look half bad! (kinda short, but hey!)

A new development in our lives has recently come up. Recently my parents called with a proposition that sounds like a win-win. They offered for us to move home with them to help my mom when she has knee surgery again this summer. It was really tough on her before and I felt bad I couldn't really be there. We've been praying to make sure it's ok with the Boss, and I think it really will work out well. It's crazy how drastically plans can change so quickly! But it really is good timing.

Some of the benefits: to be there for my mom, save the cost of rent and food (plus receiving a stipend), no training, :) won't be alone when John goes to national guard training for a month, spend time with my family, be able to find jobs in the Provo area, and hang out with friends around home!

Costs: Miss our Logan ward, won't be able to hang out with married friends up here, won't be able to spend time with John's new friend from China (Zhou) who may become an investigator, and packing/moving in general!

Overall, though, we can see the benefits definitely outweigh the costs. Mostly I'm glad we will be able to really help my mom out (so she doesn't have to do too much!) and that I won't go home to an empty apartment every day for a month. :( Lots of the outdoor fun activities John and I want to do are still available in Provo area, so it should make for a great summer! John is also a good sport, he loves the in-laws, especially my little brothers. :)

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  1. You look so beautiful!!! Love the new do!!! Hope the job search is going okay and you find something you love very soon.

    How great of you and John to stay with your parents to help out your mom. I know she appreciates you a lot!