Thursday, May 14, 2009

On the job hunt!

Quick update on the Kimballs: So we are officially moved in have been looking for a job for about a week. We had about 3-4 interviews each today and have some good options. We'll hear back from the best, most promising option (working in Pinnacle security's call center for evening/night hours, $9/hr) soon and hopefully get started!

John has caught a bug that's been going around and has been feeling pretty terrible the last couple of days. What a trooper to spend all day doing interview and stuff! Hopefully I don't catch it....

Overall we're doing ok. Currently we're feeling a little better now that we have some prospects for jobs and the ball is rolling. We'll keep ya posted.

PS-For all of you that don't know, my sister Christine has a new business as well! She is handmaking cute cards for any occasion and sells them for super cheap! She can custom make cards and also has some great designs to give you ideas on her site: She is really talented and has all kinds of hole punches and gadgets to make them look great! So if you (or someone you know) likes to send personalized, handmade (super cute!) cards but don't have the time, tools, or talent (that's me!), check out her site. They usually cost around 50 cents each...a bargain!

One great gift idea--a sister-in-law had a GREAT idea for my mother-in-law and gave her a bunch of cute handmade cards for different occasions as a present! Every birthday/Mother's Day/etc., she gives her a couple more to update her stack. I thought this was such a GREAT idea for anyone with lots of kids/grandkids/friends/etc.! You can spend a fortune on impersonal storebought cards. Anyway, just a thought!!

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