Monday, November 15, 2010

Baby Blessing, Military Ball, and Baby Smiles!

My little guy is growing up! I wanted to add a few updates and pictures.

About a week ago, Nov. 7th, we had Thomas' baby blessing. We were thrilled to have so many people able to come and support him/us! With most of both of our families and many friends, we had about 60 people! It went very well, both the blessing and the luncheon afterwards. He was so good during Sacrament meeting and looked cute in the outfit John was blessed in as a baby. Thanks to all who made an effort to come and pitched in for the yummy soup/rolls/dessert potluck! It was great! We know not all could make it, and we appreciate your love and support from all over the country. :)

Saturday night, John and I were able to attend the Military Ball on campus. (Thanks to John's little brother Dallin who missed the USU basketball game to watch little Thomas for us!) John was dressed in his "dress greens" and I (for a lack of anything else to wear that fits post-baby) wore my old choir dress. :) We got all spiffied up and enjoyed a classy date night with live bands, dancing, and people. It was fun!

Well, I mentioned in my last post that Thomas has just started to smile. This has literally benn within the last week and is still a pretty rare occurance. However, I was able to capture some pics and video while he was in a particularly smiley mood this morning. Enjoy! :)


  1. How fun to get all dressed up together for a dance. That's great that Dally was able to watch your little guy for ya. :)

  2. He is so cute when he smiles!! (and when he is not, of course ;) I'm glad you guys were able to go to the Military Ball. There's nothing like going to dances when you're married!!!