Friday, November 5, 2010

One month later...

Hello! Well, it's a month later and we're still alive! (that's a good sign) Though there have been many sleepless nights and some days of frustration, it's been a wonderful month. Our little Thomas makes us smile every day and we STILL can't get enough kisses/snuggles!

Some things we've noticed about him: He smiles in his sleep. He also frowns and does little scowls and a soft cry. VERY cute. He also really likes to be held. I know all babies do...but he seems to even more than normal. If he falls asleep in your arms or while eating (which he usually does), he jumps at any flinch. No matter how sound asleep he was, usually he wakes up within 1-2 minutes when you put him down. Mostly now he gives me 2 or 3 hours at a time to sleep at night, though he went 5 1/2 hours once! (hallelujah!) We have also noticed that Huggies diapers are NO BUENO. At least not for him. Almost every single diaper leaks all over him, and many times the diaper itself is dry. (grrr!) We tried to work with it and tough it out, but we give up! (Several loads of baby laundry later...) We've gone several places like to my house (2 1/2 hour drive) and to the cabin (3 hour drive) and he's been very good to sleep the whole way. (We try and time it right). He also slept through all of church one week! He likes showers but not so much getting out. He makes lots of funny faces and grunts. He eats A LOT. Like A LOT. Some afternoons, I feed him all afternoon with short breaks in between. He's sure a snugglebug! A couple of days ago, he gave me his first real smile! (IE: not in his sleep) He was looking right at me and gave me a wide-open smile with those little dimples! SO cute. One of those a day and I can forgive every poopy blowout and down-my-shirt puke! Can you believe he is almost 7 weeks old??

On another note, John had an interview and got the internship he was hoping for! That means we'll be moving to Elko, NV this summer and he will be working at Newmont Gold Mine in an underground mine! It is an excellent opportunity because it will look good on his resume, give him applicable work experience, pay him great money, we like the location, and the company has promised they will hire at least 2 of their 5 interns, so it has potential afterwards. Hopefully we'll be able to find somewhere to live! :S

Yesterday was Veteran's Day and John was asked to give a speech for the school's program along with a World War II vet. His mom and brother came and we went to watch him. He did GREAT on his speech! I'm so proud of him. Later that night, we went to Texas Roadhouse with some friends to take advantage of the free military meal, it was delicious.

We thought we'd add some pictures and a video for y'all. We have posted all of our pictures on our picasa site if you want to see them all. (

Ready for church! An ADORABLE outfit...

Daddy time!

At 4 weeks old...
Tummy time

Cuddle time with daddy

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