Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank goodness for the small blessings...

I'm so grateful to heard from my hubby. I got a super short phone call the day after he left where he told me his address....and to send his cell phone! They are allowed to have and use them...on their own time. (Which is very very limited) I sent a box with his phone and some things the next Monday and was anxious for him to receive it and hear from him. Wednesday came and went. No letter or text or call. Thursday almost came and went without anything as well and I was feeling quite down. However, that evening while at work, I got a few texts.

He is alive! They had been holding their mail. Don't ask me why, John says they were just disorganized. He gets it every few days now. I still haven't gotten any letters (11 days later), but he honestly does not get the time to write him. The limited minutes he does have are in the evening before bed...if something else doesn't come up.

However, I want to count my blessings. Since that day I've at least gotten to text him back and forth a little and I've been able to talk to him a little on the phone as well. I am a baby and completely in love with him, so I'm one who really needs some contact. Maybe the Lord knew that. Although it never feels enough, it is good to be able to have communication....and much more direct than a letter.

Update about him: He's doing well. The first days were just standing and marching for hours in the hot sun, but he has also gotten to learn land navigation (with compasses and maps) and he did that once during the day and once in the dead of night. He has "fire guard" sometimes which is taking a shift at night to basically make sure nobody sneaks out and clean up and wax the floors. He hasn't gotten much more than about 5-6 hours of sleep per night (tops), but he seems to be holding up well....other than missing the heck out of me! He will get to go repelling and other things, I think he enjoys the things he is learning. He can't wait to use his navigation skills when he gets home. Today was his day off, so he went to the store for some detergent, did laundry, went to a military museum, talked to me a little throughout and got a good nap. He also should get the 4th off.

Today was busy for me! I needed to send out a letter with lots of pictures to John (to get there in time for his birthday Wednesday), do 4-5 loads of laundry, help pack and load the van for my family's trip, and do the normal errands as well as driving the family up to meet my dad in South Jordan.....all the while hanging on John's every text and call. :) It was a fulfilling day though, a lot got done and it will be good to have a rest from everything. I'll clean the house and it will stay clean for a week! :) I miss my family already, but I hope they have a BLAST visiting the Potters (my sister and her family) up in Washington for the week.


  1. You are so brave and I am SO dang proud of you!!! Look at you being all positive- April is the BEST Optimist I know! :) Love ya
    your old and unwise sis-

  2. I agree with your sis--I would be SUCH a complainer! Lol You are just too sweet about everything. I love you tons--you are a great example to hot-headed wives like me! :)