Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ticket to Ride

So I've been putting it off, but I thought it's about time I wrote a quick update--John has left for his LTC military training in Kentucky for a month. Feels like longer, but it has only been 5 days since he left.

A week ago, he went to help his dad with their cabin after work. I was maybe going to go with, but my momma needed my help and Christine and Sammy needed to head home. So I settled for eating with him before he left (just some fast food, but it was good just to see him and talk to him).

He was helping with electrical work at the cabin on Wednesday as I helped my momma with the boys and housework at home. He went straight over to meet my dad and the crowd headed to Flaming Gorge. He went for a half-day of fishing and caught the first fish. It was a "small" one, about 12 lbs. (still the biggest fish he's ever caught!)

After the trip with the guide, he came home early with Mr. Howard (long-time family friend) and got home in the early afternoon. I was happy to see him, having gone a couple days without and knowing I would soon go through about 30 more.

We got all spiffied up and ready to go out on the TOWN. While getting ready, John truly surprised me by putting putting this around my neck:

Beautiful (real!) pearls. I asked what they were for and he said, "Because I'm leaving you." They are so pretty and classy.

So we first went to the temple and decided to do Endowments, despite my headache and running low on time. It truly was a good decision, it was a wonderful experience, one I'll always remember. We then went to a little Italian restaurant on Provo Center St. called Gloria's Little Italy--it was absolutely delicious and such a fun atmosphere. The waitor was great and even gave us a free dessert! (After finding out it was our last night before military training).

We got some last-minute things done, including buying a few things at Walmart and then giving him a haircut when we got home! (turned out pretty well, I must say!) All in all, it was a wonderful night. We only got about 3 hours of sleep, waking up really early to head to the airport in time on Friday morning.

Sending him off was tough, but I truly feel I've been blessed and I've been able to handle everything a lot better this time around. It's still hard and I still miss him and can't stop thinking about him, but it's different than last summer. We took pictures at the airport, but they are on his phone, which I sent to him in a package.

I got a (SHORT!) call from him on Saturday letting me know his address and info. He said to send his phone and charger and that he'd explain later and he'd text me. Hopefully this means he can call and text regularly! Good thing we have unlimited. ;) I've written 3 letters and sent one package so far, but haven't heard anything yet. I'm sure he is busy and exhausted! (not to mention I think he forgot our home address...) :) The package should get to him tomorrow or the next day. Soon I will post a picture that we took at the airport before he left.

I miss him, I love him, and I am half-empty for this month apart. I'm lucky to have my family surrounding me, and my little Matty and Daniel to be my buddies while my hubby's away.


  1. Hey, April. This post made me smile. Even though he's gone for a bit, I'm glad you had such a good last day together. I don't know your husband(and, granted, I barely know you) but I'm glad you two have each other. Hang in there, he'll be back before you know it! :)

  2. Aw, I love that he gave you a pearl necklace . . . that's so sweet :) I hope this month flies by for you!