Tuesday, June 9, 2009


So things have been going pretty well for us, although we are realizing we are slowly running out of time to spend together before he leaves for his training and yet there are many things we want to do.

We recently made a trip to Logan for John's meeting about the training and he got his boots and army gear. (he looks so manly all decked out!) We also met up with his friend Zhou from China that we've gotten to know recently, he is such a sweet guy (very gracious and generous, nice as well as shy). Then John went to his parent's cabin to help them with the electrical work and I went home to work. :( I was sad I couldn't go up and help, but it was somewhat short notice.

Sunday was busy, I was "substituting" in the Primary CTR 7 class but after church, I was officially called. That's my calling for the summer! John and I also said the opening and closing prayers in Sacrement meeting. After church, we loaded Zhou's stuff we had kept for him while he had visited China for a month to take back up to him. We stopped for dinner and chatting with John's folks. We also played games with John's brother Trevor and his wife Janalee who live in Logan, so it was a good night.

We've had fun doing things with the boys and with the whole family, like fishing, hiking, and canoeing/boating! It's nice to have most of the morning/early afternoon to spend time before we head to work.

John and I are feeling good about of financial situation. With being frugal/budgeting as well as working as much as possible, we have earned enough money to put away enough for money for 4 months for emergencies in our savings account and we also invested a fair amount of money in a 6-month CD until we decide how to invest our money in IRA's, etc. We're doing our best to achieve our goal to finish college without any debt. Thanks to dad for my educational IRA as well as teaching me money smarts! :) I really appreciate my understanding of financial frugality/responsibility that many people my age lack.

Ode to my hubby: I have been thinking about how much I don't want John to leave for his month-long training in Kentucky. We'll only be able to communicate via snail mail and I remember how hard last summer was. It will probably be worse without my honey to snuggle with after a long day of work. I've just been thinking lately about how lucky I am and how much I love him. Today I went downstairs to find him, he'd gone down to shower and get ready for work a while earlier. I found him like this:

What a cutie! I couldn't help taking a picture and thinking how much I love him! It made me smile.

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